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Create your own company wardrobe

Innovative company wardrobe

To make life even more easier, we will invite you to let us set up your own 'Wardrobe'.

This is where you can define all your approved products with any branding so that when you or your colleagues place orders, they can do it knowing that they are ordering the correct items. Let’s face it, there are many different versions of the same thing when it comes to workwear and PPE.

Here’s how our winning workwear wardrobe works...

  • Create your own bespoke company wardrobe with your own specific products to suit your industry or organisation
  • With your unique log-in, view all the products you have selected with your agreed price structure
  • Click on the products/quantities you need
  • Add products to cart and check out under an approved Credit Account
  • You receive a confirmation e-mail
  • Your items are delivered to your site on time

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