Cancellation Policy

You can cancel any order you place providing it has not reached the shipping stage. To do so, simply reply to the confirmation email you received when ordering with subject line as 'CANCEL MY ORDER' and the following information in your email:

    • Your name
    • Order number
    • Product codes
    • Postcode of your invoice address

Not received a confirmation email?

You may not receive an email from us if:

    • You made a spelling mistake when you entered your email address
    • The email has been blocked by your spam filter

If you want to cancel your order in this situation, you can do so by logging into your account on our website, then by clicking the relevant order and noting down the details we asked for in the first bullet-point list on this page. Then contact us with this information and notifying us that you'd like to cancel the order.

If your order has already reached the shipped stage and you wish to cancel it, you will be advised to wait until you receive the items and then follow our returns procedure. Goods should be returned in their original condition following cancellation.